Leadership and Team Development

Leadership is critical to all organizations.  Good leadership.  Emerging leaders need to understand  leadership and grow in it.  Seasoned leaders will want to do the same. Peregrino Consulting specializes in the development of leaders.  With broad leadership experience within the business and non-profit sectors, we are uniquely qualified to train and develop leaders.


Leadership offerings

Leadership training seminars.

From a half-day to two full days including

Foundations of Leadership
Character and Confidence in Leadership
Growth in Leadership

The focus is on personal growth and practical tools for integrating insights into our work and lives as leaders.

Leadership Coaching

For both emerging and experienced leaders.  Careful and thoughtful conversation helps identify frustrations and roadblocks.  Having a soundingboard reduces the sense of isolation which is so prevalent in leaders.


TangledTeam Offerings

Team Consultation

Team growth and development consultations are designed to work with existing or new teams to identify and clarify purpose, strengths and roadblocks.  And to identify strategies for executing on purpose, leveraging strengths and clearing roadblocks.

Team intervention

How do you move forward when a team has simply become dysfunctional?  This happens with project teams, boards of directors, and executive teams.  We can help with identifying the issues and developing strategies for moving forward.